This mouth we designed a truss with Irish Quality Builders. From start to finish the project had its challenges. As you can see the bottom beam is curved, after milling all the striate cords and webs we used a wider log to cut the exact curve needed. We used a small shop bandsaw that is designed to cut a large beam. Most of the joinery done was a tenon and mortise technique. 

This joinery allows for an easy and secure way to build trusses. After joining all the parts, we need brackets to get the desired look, with the help of Irish Quality Builders we received the brackets and bolts for the truss. 

We needed to paint each bolt and nut black to match the brackets. Once we did that, we slowly lined up both brackets and bolted them down.  

  The result was amazing. We loaded the trusses up onto our truck and dropped them off, in a week they were up, and they looked as magnificent as ever. 

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