1-2 cords of firewood

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A cabin in a cold snowy forest with smoke slowly billowing out from the chimney. inside the home is cosy and as you sit down by the wood furnace enjoying the heat, you realize that outside is freezing and snowy but inside is nice and comfortable. firewood has always been a wonderful way to heat a home. We have collected the surplus from our saw mill to make it easy and convenient for you to get your firewood.

How Much

Each bundle comes with a total of 1-2 cords, it should take 2 bundles to get through a season of winter.

Easy pick up

With a flat bed trailer we can conveniently load it. If life is busy we can drop off the bundles at your home.


Once you get the bundles we have wrapped them up nicely to make it simple for you to cut the wood with your chainsaw.

We hope to make the process of gathering firewood easy and convenient for you each year.


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