224 Sq. Ft. Cabin Kit

this cabin is 224 square feet, 14′ x 16′. it is a great kit for hunters and outdoor lovers.



Cabins have always been a way to escape from the world, to relax, and enjoy nature. We have the materials and knowledge to help you make that dream a reality. We mill our logs with a swinish cope to make it easy to lie down the logs. 


11,023.47 – this price is just for the shell of the structure and does not include the price of windows, roofing, doors, plywood, Etc.  


Our process makes it simple and easy to understand how to build a log cabin. We can work with you or a contractor to get the job done. Our experience in log cabin construction is available for you. Call to set up a meeting with our specialist  

Micha Brown: (208) 870-5481 


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